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Types Of Exhibition Stand


There are various types of exhibition Stands that businesses can choose from based on their requirements, budget, and the nature of the event. Here are some common types of exhibition Stands:
  1. Shell Scheme Stand: A shell scheme Stand is a basic booth provided by the event organizer. It typically consists of pre-constructed walls, a fascia board with the company name, basic lighting, and carpeting. Exhibitors can decorate and customize the booth with their branding and displays.
  2. Modular Stand: A modular Stand is constructed using pre-fabricated modular components. These Stands offer flexibility in terms of size and configuration, allowing exhibitors to create customized layouts based on their specific needs. Modular Stands can be easily dismantled and reassembled for use at different events.
  3. Custom-built Stand: A custom-built Stand is designed and constructed specifically for a particular event or exhibition. These Stands offer complete freedom in terms of design, layout, and branding. They are often visually appealing and can be tailored to suit the exhibitor’s unique requirements, but they are usually more expensive than other types of Stands.
  4. Island Stand: An island Stand is a large booth that is open on all sides, allowing visitors to approach the booth from any direction. Island Stands are typically positioned in the center of the exhibition hall and provide maximum visibility. They offer ample space for branding, product displays, interactive elements, and meeting areas.
  5. Corner Stand: A corner Stand is located at the corner of an aisle, providing visibility from two sides. This type of Stand offers better exposure compared to Stands located along a single aisle. It allows for better traffic flow and facilitates engagement with attendees from different directions.
  6. Inline Stand: An inline Stand, also known as a linear or wall Stand, is positioned between two adjacent Stands, sharing at least one side wall. These Stands are usually smaller in size and are typically arranged in a row along the exhibition aisle. They are more cost-effective than island or corner Stands but still provide opportunities for branding and product displays.
  7. Peninsula Stand: A peninsula Stand is similar to an island Stand but is connected to one side of the exhibition hall. It is open on three sides, offering increased visibility and accessibility. Peninsula Stands can attract visitors from multiple directions and allow for creative booth designs.
  8. Pop-up Stand: A pop-up Stand is a compact and portable booth that can be easily set up and dismantled. These Stands are lightweight, portable, and cost-effective. They are ideal for businesses that participate in smaller events, trade shows, or exhibitions with limited space.
The choice of exhibition Stand type depends on factors such as budget, space allocation, target audience, and the overall goals of the exhibitor. Each type of Stand has its advantages and considerations, so it’s essential to select the one that best suits your specific requirements.